The AI platform


When we started to apply AI to the problems of the industry, we realized how hard it is to build AI solutions that are complete. To deal with uncertain data while providing an acceptable solution to an enterprise required much more than training and using a few ML models. The platform Cerescope took shape through the efforts of handling this challenge.

Most AI systems, when introduced to the industrial environment, end up being a PoC or a pilot. Cerescope was built using production usage in mind. It is made for organisations that are looking at Artificial Intelligence as a means of business transformation and not merely as a tick box.

Established organisations are now using Cerecope for production use cases that improve customer experience, save costs and improve processes. We are working very hard to unravel the mystery of cognition and to deliver our learnings through Cerescope in an easy to use way for you.

What it achieves


Dealing with uncertainty

AI is a pursuit of imitating human capabilities. While human beings are weaker than machines in many respects, their ability to deal with uncertainty makes them superior to any machine ever made. We have built many features in Cerescope that take us further towards handling uncertainty in data and decisions. Even though we cannot hope to compete with humans, we can definitely aspire to become good assistants to them.

Going up in the Wisdom Hierarchy

Wisdom Hierarchy is described by Dr. Scott Page in his book ‘Model Thinking’. The hierarchy has four elements in ascending order- Data, Information, Knowledge and Wisdom. Cerescope offers the fundamental building blocks to go up this hierarchy. The various bots that we build on top of Cerescope actually implement this objective.

What Cerescope does

Cerescope Features.

Cognitive Ingredients

To acquire cognitive abilities, Cerescope employs a potent mix of three ingredients - Probabilistic Computing, Knowledge Base and Learning Loop. The power of the models and algorithms produced by our five years of research become the building blocks of the three ingredients.

An Able Host For The AI Bots

Cerescope provides everything that our AI Bots require. Apart from the cognitive elements, it also provides an orchestration facility with probabilistic features, a truly unique combination.

Machine Learning capabilities

Cerescope has inbuilt facilities for creating, training and running ML models of various kinds. The life cycle of the models is intricately linked with the bots, creating a super powerful loop.

Scalability and optimisation

The data processing bots require a lot of firepower in terms of computing resources. Cerescope manages these resources with ease, giving maximum throughput in the available environment. There are many tuning knobs that can be turned to optimise the production system.

In-house and fully owned

We have built the platform ourselves and from scratch, using only open-source technologies. You don’t have to purchase any additional licenses for running Cerescope.

Future proof

Even though most of the solutions built on Cerescope today are about document processing, its capabilities extend to any unstructured data. In future, we will release bots that will take care of all your unstructured data processing needs.