D-tect bots.

Cere Labs team builds Cognitive Document Processing solutions on its platform Cerescope D-Tect. Cerescope D-Tect provides the tools and techniques required for Unstructured Data processing. The solutions are built as 'bots' using these facilities. A bot combines various machine learning models with probabilistic decision making to process one type of document.

Some solutions require processing multiple types of documents. These solutions employ Bot teams - a number of bots working together to achieve a goal.

Our Solutions

Here are some of our solutions that employ bots or bot teams

This bot helps you to ensure compliance by masking the Aadhaar Number in a variety of documents. It is capable of detecting and making Aadhaar Numbers in bad quality and tilted documents, in scanned images as well as mobile photos.

Auto Form-Filling

You can now make it easy for your online customers to fill their forms. This bot takes the documents that they upload and give you the information to pre-fill the online form. Handles most commonly used KYC documents.

Bank Statement Analysis

Here is a very analytical and intelligent bot that can read bank statements - yes, even scanned statements and present you with the data you need - for credit assessment, risk analysis and so on.