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Auto Form Filling.

Digital onboarding is finding more and more acceptance both in finance companies and their customers. Especially during the COVID-19 pandemic, customers started preferring online applications to visiting the branches. While this is great, filling online forms can be frustrating. Entering too many details without making a single mistake can become cumbersome and time consuming.

Cerescope Dtect presents a great solution to automate this tedious task. It can extract the required information from the documents supplied by the prospect. Your application can then pre-fill the details in the online form. The customer experience goes several notches higher, convincing them that you really care about them.

What it does


The versatile reader

Your customers can upload different types of documents such as Aadhaar, PAN, Passport and so on. Dtect can recognise what kind of document is being uploaded so that it can look for the right information. This is a critical ability without which the automation is not possible.

You know an unpleasant fact - the documents you have are not so nice. They are badly scanned, noisy, titled and flipped. They have different sizes, resolutions and even have multiple documents put in one page. Dtect cuts through this confusion, handles all the noise stoically and gives you the masked documents that make you compliant (and happy!).

Your company has many departments and they do their files in their own way. There are pdfs, jpegs and tiffs. Some are nice e-pdfs but most are scanned and even snapped by mobiles. Dtect can handle many file types - even multi-page tiff images with ease. One less complication for you to handle.

The AI advantage

A typical applicant uploads multiple documents. Details such as name and address vary between these documents. The AI models and algorithms at work inside Cerscope D-tetct use this multi-occurrence for improving the accuracy of extraction. It can even present the user with multiple values to choose from for an entry. This is a good use of cognitive abilities to make things easy for your customers.

Cerescope is an AI platform, by virtue of which Cerescope Dtect can apply its cognitive capabilities to deal with document processing. It recognises and detects objects in the documents in a human-like, learning fashion. Dtect does not need templates, which are pain, and do not work anyway.

We built Cerescope Dtect ourselves, from scratch. It contains many ML models that together do the job of processing documents. We do not call any cloud api’s for computer vision (CV), text detection or OCR. This means that your confidential data is not sent anywhere outside your perimeter.

Easy to use

Once you welcome Dtect in your IT landscape, it finds its own quiet corner and works well with other systems. It can integrate upstream and downstream with convenient and well documented mechanisms such as REST Api and common-folders. The clear integration methodology means less time to GoLive for you.

Even though Dtect handles bad data, it still returns a very good accuracy that falls in the correct range for compliance. Dtect not only serves you with the right accuracy, but also keeps on improving itself, thanks to the AI learning capabilities. All this goes a long way to ensure that you do not face any hurdles in being compliant.

Your IT strategies have to be in line with the latest industry practices. Your digital initiatives might mean that a move to the cloud, or security compliances may require sensitive information to be on-premises. Cerescope Dtect can be deployed on-cloud or on-premises with equal ease, enabling you to be on the right side of your organisation’s strategy.